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I saw your post in the SA-MP forums asking for support
and as I understood from it we are talking about [Call of Duty/TDM/DM] ?
so I would like to join your team and support your server/community with scripting 
I'm also good in mapping as I used to be a mapper in stunting community (back in the days)
and I used to make maps for MTA [DM] which is very hard to make 
I can also help with supporting the server/community with donations if necessary

I'm not a player wont be able to help much In-Game 
but I can trully help with scripting as I already worked on a project like that and I have good experience  
if your interested in me we can make a deal and start/continue working on your project 
I'm not looking for any payments just want to be in a good and trusted community 
I can explain more but still remember if youre interested a deal will need to be done 

Wait for @NoSkillz to get an answer. You can also contact him in discord incase he didn't respond here.
I will be waiting here
after I made this post I went and made some deathmatch minigame real quick

command to join and leave the minigame
anti spawn kills for 5 seconds when the player spawns
Round/Map changing system to change the map every chosen ammount of time
break between rounds for chosen ammount

and a lil bit more took me about 30 min to script and test and it works perfect
would you like to come and see/test it ?
I really can't, busy.

And about map/round changing it's not needed in a TDM server
I just did what's on my mind cuz I'm not sure what you exactly need
I will be waiting for an answer from who ever I need 

-cheers thanks

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